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The Bagel Brigade, a nonprofit organization, was founded by Herman Berman approximately 17 years ago.   

Seven(7)  days a week, 365 days a year, The Bagel Brigade collects bread donated by supermarkets, bagel shops, etc. and distributes it to people in need.  Our primary concern is to see that children do not go to school without breakfast and do not go to bed hungry.  Some estimates are that as many as 500,000 children in Los Angeles county go to school without breakfast, that 10% of the general population does not get enough to eat and that another 34% lack sufficient access to food.  With the current economic crisis, those numbers may even be low.  We distribute food to schools, food-banks, shelters, etc.   In a given month we have been known to give out approximately 84,000 loaves of bread and 54,000 bagels.

We service the West San Fernando Valley.  We are always in need of more donor stores .  We can also use volunteers for pickup and delivery who are available as little as 2 hours once a week in the early morning or 2 hours once a week in the evening  for pickup.   Anyone interested in participating in The Bagel Brigade can contact the following numbers:

Jerry Magel - Administrator (818) 710-1299    
Frank Shapiro - Volunteer Coordinator (818) 376-0502
Or email us at:       More Info: Bagel Brigade Contact Page

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